Monday, March 2, 2015

Revamping the Power Suit

When constructing outfits do not rely on the mundane  khakis, black, browns, and deep grays of the traditional power suits that women wore in the 1950's-70's. To be taken seriously in professional settings it is not necessary to mimic masculine mens fashion. Mix it up incorporate color, patterns, and different textures but best believe there is a way to over do it.


Don't get me wrong a classic black suit is something every woman should have in her wardrobe. But in this day and age of fashion and feminism. Women and their femininity can still be powerful and influential. Designers today have revamped this idea of the all black power suit and implemented more feminine lines to give those who wear the clothing a sexy feel. This Ann Taylor Suit is polished but not boring, the jacket curves in to create her a waist, paired with the white shirt with parallel lines lengthens her body, and draw attention to the symmetry. The cigarette pant shown on model is fitted which allows her to show her womanly shape tastefully.

Image Credit: Ann Taylor



Image Credit: Express

This grid columnist suit is a pattern that serves many purposes. Because the print is the statement tone it down by simple shoes, top, and accessories. Less is more. While choosing an outfit pick one aspect of the attire to be the 'show'. Such as, a scarf, shirt, statement necklace, shoes, purse, hair, or jacket like picture shown. When planning an outfit think ahead to hypothetical situations that could arise. Is it going to rain? If I get hot and take this jacket off will my outfit look together.


Wearing a full color suit is something that has to be done just right because there is a fine line between colored power suits and a clown suit. Pulling off a full color suit always tone it down with a neutral shoe and layers under the blazer. If the woman in the image wore anything other color than black or white under that the ensemble would have totally lost its sophistication. I suggest with a full color suit that you choose and ankle or 'cigarette' as I like to call it because getting your natural skin tone to offset the suit. A color trend that I have seen numerous runway shows is the red suit. Red is not just a color for the holidays season.  Be daring, because it will be remembered. 

Where Can I Find This?

Some of the retailers I found the best red suits at reasonable prices are:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Show-Off Saturdays

Here at Brainy Chic, I want to hear more from my readers. From here on out we are going to have "Show-Off Saturdays" that consists of readers submissions of photos and brief explanation about their recent fashion advancements.

I will start this off for readers. Accessories and jewelry is something that I never felt important to an ensemble. I always thought "purse to match the shoes" for why? Never ever seen the point of it. Recently, I have made a solid effort to search for more trends to implement into my wardrobe. Something that I have totally been obsess with are Statement Necklaces. Which are basically big, chunky, and very detailed necklaces. This accessory is labeled as a 'statement' because it attracts the eye and invokes people who see it to compliment and ask questions about it. The necklace makes a statement and speaks even before you do. Some of my favorite places I have been ordering necklaces from is BaubleBar and Express

Statement Necklaces

     Image Credit: Urban Outfitters                 Image Credit: Express

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Interview Appropriate

In anticipation for a job or even an internship interview, there are more things to gather than simply preparing your resume and mental sharpness. Aside from being qualified for a position there is a visual presentation that is required to be taken serious especially from a woman. Dressing accordingly does not mean you have to break the bank because as we all know that college students are typically on a budget. I am here to bless you with the master list of the do's and don'ts of professional interview attire.

1) Don't Wear Skirts and Dresses with Short Hemlines

  If you choose to wear a skirt to a business professional meeting, your hemlines should not be the same length you might wear to a date,  casual lunch, or bar-hopping with your girlfriends. It should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Showing too much leg whether of the presence of hosiery or not,  is distasteful and kind of trampy. Even though this is the 21st Century women wearing certain clothing are labeled regardless of factuality. While these examples appear put together, there is the wonder "is something gonna pop out of there" It is better to be safe than sorry. 

2) Don't Do Low Cut Blouses, Crop Tops, See-Through Tops

Whether the size of your bust wearing low-cut tops can advert the interviewers attention man or woman from what you are saying to what you are "showing". Crop tops or short tops are just as bad because a navel staring the interviewer in the eye is totally inappropriate. If you are not sure what you plan to wear is acceptable, then do some research to get a well-rounded views.

3) Don't Promote Religious, Political, or Life Choices on Accessories

You may think sporting your "I love jesus" is harmless but there could be a bias because their views may not be the same as yours. The only instance these might be acceptable if you are interviewing for a organization that are specifically for these controversial topics and beliefs.

4) Don't Put on Shoes You Can Not Walk in

To some wearing heels is an art form. Heels could not be you or you need more knowledge of how to walk in heels, DONT force it. Just let it go wear something more your speed like flats or wedges. Nothing is more distracting then seeing a woman walking awkwardly and toddler-like because one false move, they are going down.  Other shoes will look just as distinguished. 

If you combine the tips you learned here today with your academic and educational achievement you will have a much better chance at receiving a call back.

The Discovery of Brainy Chic

Ladies, here is where your professional fashion questions will be answered.

There is this constant battle for women to find the fine line between professional and fashionable. Whether heading to your first interview or trying to climb the ladder in your existing employer, no matter how intelligent and competent you are; The Fashion Matters. What you look like matters; what you wear matters. Not in the sense that you have to wear expensive couture clothing but there is a requirement to look appealing and put together. The right outfit can give a woman the confidence and the self-definition to put themselves out there for an interview at a company or a job promotion.

The childhood experience that sparked my passion for this topic was when I was 12 years old. My mother was in the Army for 9 years and after the tragic 9-1-1 terrorist attack happened; she was deployed overseas for 2 years. During her absence, my two other siblings and I were left under the care of my maternal grandmother. While my grandma was a good caregiver, she hated the mall or any kind of shopping center other than mandatory run to the grocery store. 2 whole years without the Saturday afternoon shopping trips that was a reoccurring event during my childhood. This may go without saying but I had no fashion sense or the ability to go out and change that. Fast forwarding to my mother's return to the states, one of her first tasks when she returned was when she took us shopping. I remember going through the mall, finding and mimicking trends that I seen on television and in magazines. My mother made it her top priority to provide us a presentable wardrobe. When I returned back to school after my "transformation" I recollect new connections I made with my peers discussing brands and trends of the late 1990's and early 2000's. Personally, I discovered my love for clothing and that I can create different outfit to visually communicate my moods. It is a way to speak without words.

Brainy chic, is the idea that while we are post-college women embarking into Corporate America that good fashion sense is a requirement to be cohered alongside our educational successes.

- Desiree'